ERP Manufacturing for Micro SMEs | Industry 4.0

ERP Manufacturing for Micro SMEs | Industry 4.0
ERP and Industry 4.0 | ERP Manufacturing for Micro SMEs | ERP for small business
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How ERP Manufacturing for Micro SMEs supports Industry 4.0

Modern ERP can help manufacturers during this state of change through various strategies that improve operations:
● Modernization of technology infrastructure and applications
● Acceleration and automation of processes with the ultimate goal of enhancing productivity
● Optimization of the supply chain while improving collaboration

ERP systems permit managing large amounts of data, i.e., transactional and operational information that help to forecast production needs. Due to real-time information exchange between the business and the production layers, operational efficiency is increased, enabling organizations to adapt to specific demands easily. ERP providers must take into account the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot), which is revolutionizing manufacturing by leveraging intelligent devices in factories. Hence, organizations that use ERP to support emerging technologies, visibility, and collaboration will enhance efficiency and productivity, standing out from the competition.

The goal for ERP is to sustain intelligent production processes, replacing the standardized manner of bringing components to the assembly line and producing identical goods. With the use of ERP, customized configurations of products for individual customer needs can be achieved. ERP offers the advantage of tracking the profitability of the business, by managing costs and revenues, and efficiently using the information to leverage profitability. The use of ERP grants complete visibility into the manufacturing facilities that are involved in the supply chains. Moreover, it helps detect manufacturing issues across the entire supply chain, thereby rapidly adjusting schedules and shop floor operations as soon as unexpected problems arise. Additionally, simulating recall events lead to lower costs and improved corrective actions. Realizing the immense opportunities that the era of intelligent manufacturing is offering will enable greater collaboration and efficiency. New forms of value creation will develop based on information transparency, flexibility, decision-making processes and real-time optimizing processes regarding availability, resources, and cost.

Wrap Up 

The combined power of ERP software and Industry 4.0 technology drives smart manufacturing. YGL Beyond ERP includes the robust tools you need to become a factory of the future. 

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