Why is YGL ERP4.0 Financial Consolidation a Popular Application?

Why is YGL ERP4.0 Financial Consolidation a Popular Application?
Financial Consolidation Solution

YglWorld e-Console is a financial consolidation and reporting application built and designed to be used by the finance department. It provides the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial results, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver results.

Data Analytics to Spot Trends

The ability to then visualize this data easily in attractive charts or dashboards provides faster insights into specific issues and can assist in the development of business goals. Data analytics also allows you to spot trends and outliers, and even do statistical tests of what you are seeing. 
It’s important that analytics and visualizations are embedded within the ERP software[H1]  itself so users don’t have to export the data to a separate application. And if the analytics are easy for business users to use with self-service capabilities, then more people throughout a company can do deeper dives into a range of pertinent business data, including customer characteristics, their satisfaction levels, product data, production data such as plant efficiency or orders shipped, and more.  

YglWorld offers the e-Console system that instantly visualizes ERP information of group companies across their subsidiaries. The program provides local business practices, currencies and other features crucial to successful financial consolidation.  

Reduce consolidation and reporting cycles and deliver timely results.

Reduce compliance costs and replace control procedures that reducing processing and auditing costs.

Maintain a regulatory filing to general ledger, audit trail, providing confidence in the financial results.

The powerful, easy to use Excel Reporter tool directly access the data to create any financial reporting in compliance with GAAP, MASB, MPSAS or local statutory requirements.  

Leveraging these new technologies has enabled YGL e-Console system to add significant value to new or existing processes by looking at data capture, complex transformational processing and reporting aspects of a specific.

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