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  • Stock accuracy more than 90%
  • Increased total productivity by 25%
  • Reduced time spent on Accounting and Receiving by 50%
  • Achieved anywhere, anytime visibility
  • Able to grow without adding headcount
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Automatic generation of shipping docs
  • 50% reduction in processing production reports
  • Solved performance and scalability

Overcoming The Challenges of Improving Speed and Scale

BINSEN PLASTIC INDUSTRY SDN BHD is a leading plastic manufacturer based in Seberang Perai, Penang, Malaysia located at an area of around 4 acres land.

Taking the lead to Industry 4.0

Established in 1980, they specialise in plastic products production such as PET Wide Jar & Bottles, PP Bottles, PS Container, HDPE & LDPE Industrial components & Parts, Plastic Caps and various OEM Plastic Products.

CHUAH YAO LIN: Operations Director

“In today’s fast developing markets, business transformation can be a matter of survival. Indeed, it is a necessity for companies hoping to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of a globalized marketplace” Chuah Yao Lin, Operation Director said. The top management attended Corporate Transformation Programme and understood that ERP system is needed to improve the company management.

“The manufacturing solution is implemented by YGL team has given us far greater levels of control in manufacturing especially in our Costing and MO.

YGL has a good track record with many customers having successfully used the software, and we’ve seen efficient and speedy support when it’s needed. And with service-oriented architecture, we believe YGL can help us in the best way possible.”

Mr. Chuah Ton Hua, the Executive Director

According to Mr. Chuah Ton Hua, the Executive Director. The old system accounting system was not able to calculate costing. With YGL e-Manufacturing Suite after implementation, the accuracy costing has reached more than 90% after system Go Live.

The Results

BINSEN PLASTIC INDUSTRY Operations Director Mr. Chuah Yao Lin is grateful that his team and YGL coordinate very well to make the system a success, he says “We achieved tremendous specially in MO and stock accuracy of implementation and to this day, we are still continuing to add further efficiencies and return on investment with the roll out of new features, reports and other modules. We are looking toward for industry4.0 machine integration to our ERP system.” Concludes Chuah Yao Lin.

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