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An Ecosystem for
YGL Beyond ERP
Industry 4.0 System
in the Digital Transformation

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Smart Manufacturing Industry 4.0
YGL Beyond ERP
Integration to Industrial Machine

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Smart Warehouse Industry 4.0
Delivers the Powerful Competitive Edge

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TAXCom-Enterprise Tax Solution
Tax Solution that Satisfy Obligations
& Seize Opportunities

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Industry 4.0
New connections between Machines,
Production Processes and Systems

About Us

How are we Different?

We bring you industry best practices through practical, cost-effective solutions, best-of -breed technology, with a human touch.

Digital Transformation is undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords of today.

Enterprise leaders are looking for strategies to digitally transform their business to leverage the benefits.

Our Industry Solutions

Delivering the Best Global Industry Services.

YGL BeyondERP 4.0 is a typical enterprise application that integrates phases of business operations
such as product planning, manufacturing, sales, financials, inventory management, marketing
and human resources within an open architecture, that is, in a single user interface, application and database

Food Manufacturing Icon

Food Manufacturing

BeyondERP solution is having multiple "Input raw material" & multiple "Output Finished goods" where it is different from conventional BOM that only support one finished goods.

Plastic Industry Icon

Plastic Industry

BeyondERP able to set the Mould Setup. Process of manufacturing by shaping liquid or pliable raw material using a rigid frame called a mould or matrix and the system
is able to setup mould with different cavity to use in assembly part. The system can keep unlimited BOM revision and summary of cost breakdown.

Paper Industry Icon

Paper Industry

Better integration of disparate data sources results into smart manufacturing & smart warehouses.

Wood Industry Icon

Wood Industry

BeyondERP Part Master Unique field used in wood industry consist of M3, Ply, Resin, Veneer Type, Veneer Thickness, Product Type, AF Type & Bonding Class.

Software support multiple UOM like calculate in M3, tonnage or PCS. Inventory report also can show multiple UOM format.

Metal Industry Icon

Metal Industry

Synchronize procurement, production and supply processes to ensure optimum supply of material at all times.

Phamarceutical Industry Icon

Pharmaceutical Industry

Fully integrated Sales, Warehouse Management, Procurement Planning, Analytics and Finance solution. Built in approval workflow and multi dimension sales analysis.


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We bring you industry best practices through practical, cost-effective solutions, best-of-breed technology, with a human touch.

Professional Team

Our R&D teams are located in Malaysia and HongKong China with an in-depth understanding of the issues that face growing businesses and an intimate knowledge of the market.

Certified Consultants

Certified Consultants are recognized professionals with business process experiences.

Latest Technology

Strategies to digitally transform their business to leverage the benefits by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbot and Robotic process automation (RPA).

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Support via telephone and email. Our skilled support team will help resolve any technical problem, giving you a clear and simple solution.

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