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Are your business facing these problems?


Does the rising production costs impact your business's ability to maintain profitability?


Are your production process suffer from inefficiencies, including inadequate planning and poor inventory management?


Have you encountered the challenge of market saturation, leading to lower revenues and difficulties in maintaining market share?


Are your business currently facing intense competitive pressure, with the need to lower prices to remain competitive?

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purchasing errors

You can automate and centralise
your purchasing activities,
ensuring accuracy at every step.

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production efficiency

Optimise your production
processes and achieve significant
improvements in efficiency.

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order fulfilment

You can improve overall
operational performance and
increased customer satisfaction.

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inventory control

This integration ensures
efficient order fulfilment and
reduce the risk of errors.

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Enterprise 4.0 Solution Provider

From implementation and customization to training and support, we guide you through every step of the ERP journey.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your unique requirements and design a solution that aligns with your goals.


Professional Team

Our R&D teams are located in Malaysia and Hong Kong China with an in-depth understanding of the issues that face growing businesses and an intimate knowledge of the market.


Certified Consultants

Certified consultants are recognized professionals with business process experiences.


Latest Technology

Strategies to digitally transform their business to leverage the benefits by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbot and Robotic process automation (RPA).


Support Operation

Our skilled support team will help resolve any technical problem, giving you a clear and simple solution.

Our Industry Solutions

Delivering the Best Global Industry Services


Food Manufacturing


Plastic Industry


Paper Industry


Wood Industry


Metal Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry


What Our Customers Are Saying


Implementing YGL Nervo ERP system has revolutionised our business operations. From streamlining our workflow and providing real-time visibility to empowering data-driven decision-making and exceptional customer support, it has been a game-changer for our growth and efficiency.

Respack Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Thanks to YGL Nervo ERP system, our business has experienced remarkable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and decision making. Their seamless integration of sales, inventory, and accounting processes, along with exceptional customer support, has truly transformed our operations and positioned us for sustainable growth.

Besgrade Plywood Sdn Bhd

YGL Nervo ERP integrated with DAIFUKU's warehouse solution couldn't be more pleased with the results. The seamless integration has significantly improved our overall operational efficiency, allowing us to streamline our warehouse processes and enhance inventory management.

Chee Wah Corporation Berhad

The YGL ERP system is Fantastic, I am very happy with the system because our business has grown for the past 10 years. We have been growing by 10 to 20 % every year and the system is able to support us well.

Medispec (M) Sdn Bhd

The manufacturing solution implemented by the YGL team has given us far greater levels of control in manufacturing especially in our Costing and MO. YGL Nervo ERP system has a good track record with many customers having successfully used the software, and we've seen efficient and speedy support when it's needed.

Green Image Organic Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Biogreen)

Being in the food industry, YGL Nervo ERP system has been instrumental in ensuring compliance, traceability, and quality control throughout our operations. From recipe management and ingredient tracking to batch control and expiration date monitoring, it ensures compliance, traceability, and quality control. With its tailored features, we have gained confidence, reduced waste, and improved product quality.

Multiple Reward Sdn Bhd (Komugi)

I'm highly satisfied with the system's performance. The new import feature is a game-changer, allowing me to quickly import entire folders of items in minutes, saving significant time. It also ensures accuracy, consistent formatting and correct titling, reducing data entry errors. I'm impressed with the remarkable benefits it brings.

Smart Paint Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

The old system accounting system was not able to calculate costing. With YGL e-Manufacturing Suite after implementation, the accuracy costing has reached more than 90% after system Go Live.

Binsen Plastic Industry Sdn Bhd

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We bring you industry best practices through practical, cost-effective solutions, best-of-breed technology, with a human touch. Digital Transformation is undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords of today. Enterprise leaders are looking for strategies to digitally transform their business to leverage the benefits.

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