Ygl is one of the largest providers of ERP and Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions in Malaysia. Ygl is also the dominant Web and Apps based internet portal provider in the Asia region.

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E-Manufacturing Industry 4.0

E-Manufacturing Industry 4.0 is a transformation system that enables the manufacturing operation to achieve predictive near-zero-downtime performance as well as to synchronise with the business systems through the use of web-enabled and tether-free (i.e., wireless, web, etc.) infotronics technologies.


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Hospitality - Loyalty2U

The system to quickly and easily brings to life reward program and achieves your goals. Loyalty2U provides the program support services with the expertise and right technology to get incentive programs up and running.

Taxation -TAXcom Deferred taxation

com Capital Statement is the first tax solution specially designed for Malaysian taxpayers and tax agents handing individual tax cases.

Taxation-TAXcom Lite

TAXcom Lite is an innovative approach to tackle the existing problems of tax practitioners when their staff work off-site.

industrial 4.0 solution advantages

Ygl is one of the first in the country to offer industry 4.0 enabled solution with true e-manufacturing functions and features, to convert tranditional SMEs into smart factories and contribute toward the digital transformation of Malaysian manufacturing industry

Flexible & Highly Adaptable

Own Malaysian Intellectual Property & Source Codes

Suitable for Asian Way Business

May be used by not so skilled staff

Reasonably Priced & RM-denominated

Strong Finance & Costing Integration

Strong compliance with goverment regulations(SST, MFRS, MPERS) and international standards

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Build trusted relationships between brands and customers



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