Accelerate Your Journey Towards IR4 By Leveraging The AIoT Jumpstart Kit

Accelerate Your Journey Towards IR4 By Leveraging The AIoT Jumpstart Kit
Accelerate Your Journey Towards IR4 by leveraging the AIoT Jumpstart Kit

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By participating in AIoT training, SMEs can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement AIoT technologies and reap the benefits in several ways:

  1. Improving operational efficiency. AIoT technology can be used to automate many routine tasks, reducing the workload on employees and increasing productivity.
  • Predictive maintenance: AI algorithms can be trained to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing companies to schedule maintenance before downtime occurs.
  • Data analysis. AIoT systems can collect and process large amounts of data, providing valuable insights into business operations and customer behavior.
  • Customer experience. AIoT-powered chatbots and virtual assitants can provide 24/7 customer support, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the workload on human support teams.
  • Optimizing supply chain management: AIoT systems can be used to track inventory levels, monitor delivery times, and optimize logistics, helping companies to streamline their supply chain operations.

Target Group

100% FUNDED Training. For Malaysian SME Employers who have participated in the Industry4WRD RA Program & Grant Companies

Who Should Attend

This program is recommended for anyone interested in AI, Chatbot, Virtual Assistant or IOT in AIoT:

  • SME manufacturers / Owners / Directors / Managers/Planners/ process improvement team leaders 
  • Production planners / Production engineers / production managers


3 days – HRDF claimable

10:00am – 5:00pm

Training Type



Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Facilities and Equipment

 Software, hardware and learning tools

For More Information, please do not hesitate to contact:


TEL : 6018-3889571 (Koay Zi-Wei) Email :   

FB/Website :

To find out more about this program, please click the link below to contact us.

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