An Integrated Shop Floor Management System in Industry 4.0 | YGL BeyondERP

An Integrated Shop Floor Management System in Industry 4.0 | YGL BeyondERP
An Integrated Shop Floor Management System bring many benefits
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  • Up-To-Minute Information – Instead of having to wait and see how well production is flowing, shop floor control enables up-to-minute analysis. This allows you to have complete visibility within your supply chain and locate areas where improvements are needed.
  • Transparency – As shop floor control offers data, project insight, and anything relevant to your supply chain, it enables your employees to all work toward the same goal. This is why accurate data and transparency is a must, because everyone must be on the same page to work toward the overall goal.
  • Cost Reduction – Older systems require manual entered data and were not as efficient at locating issues within the supply chain. Shop floor control is able to locate areas where productivity is lacking and does not require manual entered data. This saves time for project managers that want to focus their efforts on other areas and basically allows production to run itself.
  • Support – Teams can solve problems together instead of separately. Shop floor control enables various departments to interact and communicate with each other, ultimately allowing them to pursue and fix issues collaboratively. This solves issues much faster and saves the entire operation revenue and time.

Using an integrated shop floor management system allows shop owners to tie all business functions together, from quote to cash. This allows for increased efficiencies not possible before the use of such systems. Some of these improvements include:

  1. Project based purchasing
  2. Centralized planning
  3. Control over time and material changes on projects
  4. Control of growing and changing Bill of Material
  5. A simple but complete Project overview at any time

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