Business Analytics and YGL ERP4.0

Business Analytics and YGL ERP4.0
Business Analytics & ERP

Business analytics is seen as something complex, arcane and daunting. 

Analytics has been getting easier to use as ERP vendors roll out tools designed for the average user or manager.  

The benefits of using analytics are legion. With analytics you can get tighter control over your business, increase profitability and chart a new course in an increasingly complex future.

One of the changes is that more ERP systems are including a broader range of analytical and business intelligence tools. Users can simply use what is available built into their package.

The emphasis in these built-in tools is on practicality rather than comprehensiveness. YGL ERP4.0 system is more than adequate analysis.

Using the analytical tools requires a change in basic attitude and a willingness to ask questions that the tools can answer.

Another change is weaning people off ad hoc aids like Excel spreadsheets. Business intelligence tools will give better, more accurate, information, but that needs to be sold to employees who are using spreadsheets and similar tools to do their jobs.

The most common tools for managers in an ERP environment are dashboards which can supply a lot of information at a glance. With YGL ERP4.0 systems you can generally start with a dashboard view and then drill down to the underlying data to get the details. This represents a relatively painless way to get introduced to data analysis. We are striving to make business analytics easier to use and more useful to their customers.

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