Business Insights | How ERP Improve Your Business Growth

Business Insights | How ERP Improve Your Business Growth
Business Insights

• 81% of manufacturers say real-time monitoring is improving their business.

• 72% of manufacturers say real-time monitoring is essential for streamlining and making inventory reconciliation more efficient.

• 69% are relying on real-time monitoring to increase the accuracy of tracking production time, downtime, total parts created, rejects and parts to be produced.

• 63% are relying on real-time monitoring and consider it essential for tracking machine utilization, scrap and downtime reporting.

• 60% say analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) are essential for managing manufacturing operations today.

• 59% of manufacturers growing 10% a year or faster are adopting and using supplier inbound quality management applications and tools.

• 53% specifically rely on real-time monitoring to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) accuracy.

• Manufacturers that are growing revenues 10% or faster per year are more advanced in the areas of analytics, BI, and mobile ERP than their counterparts.

Manufacturing is a digitally driven business, where analytics, mobile apps, quality management and real-time monitoring are pivotal technologies that enable faster growth. Manufacturers provides insights into how these technologies are enabling more profitable revenue growth, reducing costs, time-to-market and improving quality. It’s evident from the survey results that high-performance manufacturers combine analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), mobility, quality management applications, and real-time monitoring to gain a clear, 360-degree view of their shop floors. High growth manufacturers with plant locations proliferating on a global scale are setting the ambitious goal of having 360-degree views of their shop floors anywhere in the world at any time.

Manufacturers are maturing quickly in their adoption and use of analytics and BI. The majority expect to access dashboards and reports on tablets and smartphones anywhere, anytime. According to the manufacturing respondents, having accessibility to analytics and BI reporting on tablets and mobile devices is essential to running their production operations. High-performance manufacturers in the survey have assimilated analytics, BI, mobility, and advanced Manufacturing Intelligence into daily operations. They’re relying on analytics and BI to predict outcomes and plan production with a much greater level of precision than ever before. This survey’s goals include determining which factors have contributed to manufacturing growth over the last 12 months, how manufacturers measure product quality, determine the level of importance they place on mobility, assess their level of interest and adoption in analytics, and gain insights into how they are using real-time monitoring.

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