Corporate Tax software | Tax solution in Malaysia

Corporate Tax software | Tax solution in Malaysia
Corporate Tax software | Corporate Tax solution

Ygl established its Software Development Division in 1993. Since then, it grew to become a leader dedicated to the development of TAXcom software. Today, YGL is here to solve your problems by providing good, cost effective solutions with a personal touch.

YGL Corporate TAX solution simplifies the ability to tailor business processes and data, enabling business-driven point and-click customizations as well as point-and-click development of sophisticated applications beyond typical Tax application. These features are delivered on a platform that fully supports global business and scales with a low total cost of ownership.

Our Corporate Tax solution delivers a wealth of new features and capabilities that can benefit your entire organisation. With this new release, end users will able to do the following:

· Enhance productivity: Wider access to data and functionality and streamline user experience help your people get started right away and work more productively.

· Streamline business processes: New and enhanced design tools give end users the ability to create workflows to help ensure consistent and streamlined processes across the business.

· Manage data intelligently: Data management capabilities empower people to import data rapidly while helping to preserve the integrity and accuracy of your database.

· Deliver on availability, performance, and scalability requirements: The software provides availability, performance, and scalability to meet the requirements of any organization.

Enhance Productivity

When end users spend most of their time repeating manual processes, it only reduces their efficiency, It lowers employee satisfaction and allows errors to be introduced into your business data and processes. YGL Corporate TAX solution provides features that match the way that people work so they can be more productive, escape repetitive, and work with data accurately.

Easily Deploy

Keeping pace with a rapidly changing market is a challenge for any company. To meet this challenge, companies need powerful application that give them the power and flexibility to adjust their business to meet new opportunities. New and enhanced features for our Corporate TAX solution help companies create next-generation TAX solutions quickly to meet the changing needs of business.

Drag and Drop

We ease users from the time consuming typing work. Users just need to copy the information from the company account file and paste it according to the excel template that provided. Drag it to the appropriate column will do the job.

Reviewer Note

Provide a platform for the superior to make comment and getting feedback from the staff within the organisation.


Provide top down hierarchical to control the access to the system with the administration of user right management. Unauthorized access without permission to the modules or functions of the system will be prohibited.

Want to know how to benefit of Corporate Tax solution? You need an independent, experienced and skilled YGL on your team—right from the start!

Corporate Tax software automates tax planning for businesses as well as preparation and filing of business tax returns.

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