Digital Transformation: Surge in digital adoption during COVID-19 outbreak

Digital Transformation: Surge in digital adoption during COVID-19 outbreak

Companies are increasingly moving towards a remote-working policy to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. Thus digital transformation is crucial in this period of time.

For most companies, employees working remotely will likely be a short-term solution. Covid-19 is forcing employers to take a real-time look at the effects of increasing off-site work and may lead to more companies allowing even more employees to work from home in the future.

Digital Adoption

During this crisis, businesses are attaching more importance to digital technology, which is being increasingly adopted. Video conferencing, risk management, cloud services and digital transformation drawn interest by corporates in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.

One of the factors behind the increase in mobile internet usage is the outbreak of the Covid-19 which has made people avoid outdoor activities. Furthermore, the virus situation has urged people to look for information and updates online more frequently.

YGL e-Corporate or YGL e-Manufacturing ERP Industry 4.0 suite is able to switch to remote access to gain insight into customers’ needs and helps reduce physical interaction during the epidemic.

The data usage has increased tremendously, therefore operators must push the 5G system into the market as soon as possible to cope with customers’ demand.

For ERP software that is truly scalable YGL is a strong choice. Their software works for companies with 10 or 10,000 employees, and the mobile capabilities ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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