Digitalise SMEs on the Industry 4.0

Digitalise SMEs on the Industry 4.0
Digitalise SMEs on industry 4.0

SMEs are reluctant to go digital and adopt technology for a number of reasons. Many are not aware of the potential returns on investment of digitalise SMEs on the Industry 4.0.

In reality, 42% of Malaysian businesses saw positive returns last year from their digital investment. On top of that, there’s no denying that going digital is crucial for long-term survival and security in a rapidly changing landscape.

It is a valid strategy that helps your business become more profitable and sustainable long-term. By adopting digital solutions, businesses can:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Tap into new markets.
  • Expand business offerings.
  • Deliver more value to customers.
  • Achieve business goals.

Technology and digitalisation are certainly not the sole province of large corporations. Neither should they be an expensive affair. SMEs can begin their digital journey by identifying the low hanging fruits that they can adopt quickly and cheaply, then moving on to bigger ambitions as they begin realising the benefits of the initial investments.

Alternatively, they can also begin from their most pressing pain points where technology applications can yield the most benefits. The identification of these starting points can be undertaken either on their own, or by seeking help from a technology expert.

IR4.0 promises to offer a tidal wave of opportunities for SMEs around the world. With a comprehensive digital toolkit and the right partners, Malaysian SMEs will ride the wave, and transform themselves to the next level.

Today’s manufacturers are going beyond the Manufacturing Execution System to stand out from the crowd. Below are some of the ways:

  • New technologies like IoT, Blockchain, AI, Cloud, etc. enable a bird’s eye view of the business and centralization of data across all departments. This provides a transparent work environment that reduces redundancy and errors.
  • Using mobile technology, managers can assign tasks to employees without being present in the factory. They can also evaluate performance by reviewing digitally created graphs and charts on their handheld devices or laptop.
  • By transforming from a manually-driven company to an automated one, you can save time and effort, reduce errors, and focus on crucial activities.
  • Predictive analysis in smart manufacturing allows you to anticipate potential customer demand or machine breakdown by offering real-time alerts. This saves you from expensive downtimes and declining customer satisfaction.
  • Platform  

Businesses use smart sensors and machines to manage operations and forecast supply and demand. Deploying a platform that facilitates IIoT and a host of modern technologies can help to optimize your business. It can manage and authenticate a large number of devices working for the company. Having visibility into operational risk is crucial for organizations to minimize unfortunate incidents. IoT detection and response algorithms adhere to mission-critical constraints.

  • The business platform should be easily connected with IT/OT security
  • It facilitates real-time analytics, data ingestion and provides data insights
  • Business operations, when they work on AI-based algorithms, manage a huge amount of documentation and provide energy efficiency and significant savings


The pace of progress that digitalise SMEs are making towards smart manufacturing is dependent on a variety of factors – agility in deploying industrial security solutions, speed to reskill workers, level of investment, willingness for technological change, etc.

From its origins in manufacturing, YGL NERVO has evolved to become critical to almost every aspect of running a business to digitalise SMEs on Industry 4.0..

  • YGL NERVO software is the central nervous system of an enterprise, interconnecting supply chain, commerce, inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, analytics and finance.
  • Initially focused on manufacturing, YGL NERVO has added additional functions to address nearly every aspect of business include Smart Warehouse, RPA and integration to industrial machine.
  • YGL NERVO is an essential tool for Enterprise to become more efficient, flexible and innovative to combat the steady encroachment of e-commerce and a volatile consumer landscape characterized by a dramatic increase in the number of available distribution channels and rapidly changing consumer preferences.
  • YGL NERVO is experiencing renewed activity, as the nervous system software providers and enterprises move IT functions to the cloud, which offers lower cost, the ability to innovate, to develop new functions and launch new offerings rapidly.

YGL NERVO can expertly deploy, monitor and troubleshoot a new ERP system that centralises operations at your enterprise.

We Can Help to implement a Central Nervous System Transforms in the Manufacturing Industry System Integration under Industry 4.0

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today so that we can help you with our YGL NERVO which is strategy Industry 4.0 ready implementation needs heading towards Industry 4.0 in smart warehouse and smart manufacturing.

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