e-Manufacturing Industry4.0 ERP | Enterprise Resources Planning Industry4.0

e-Manufacturing Industry4.0 ERP | Enterprise Resources Planning Industry4.0
ERP4.0 Manufacturing

Ygl ERP4.0  is an integrated 4.0 enabled solution with true manufacturing functionalities. The solution has the standard finance, management accounting, supply chain management and manufacturing solutions. It is designed for complete integration of business elements including suppliers, customer service network, manufacturing enterprise and plant floor-assets.

The Ygl ERP solution is flexible, easily tailored to suit the specific niche of individual business and scalability of growth. It is intelligent computing and web-enabled technologies to meet the demand for e-business or e-commerce practices and provides efficient synchronisation with various e-business systems.

Ygl ERP4.0 comes with e-Analytics Kanban for Manufacturing Order feature that provide analysis on different functional areas of ERP. To eliminate waste and make factories cut down on excess inventory and unused materials. The workflow is improved, and that also improves teamwork on floor workers.

ERP Analytics solution enables enterprises to:

  • Achieve faster and better business results
  • Gain actionable insights when you need it
  • Make use of pre-built data models and dashboards
  • Reduce time, costs and risks, by automating end to end processes
  • Conduct integrated cross-business object analytics
  • Leverage Machine Learning

Run a Complete ERP Solution
Financials, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing all on a single world class business platform.

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