eCommerce ERP integration | ERP and eCommerce integration

eCommerce ERP integration | ERP and eCommerce integration
eCommerce ERP integrations

When an eCommerce business begins to grow, manually adding the orders received through multiple channels, the shipments sent and the changes made on product information becomes an impossible task.

The risks of something going wrong are high and it’s vital to keep a good coordination between the e-commerce platform and the central data repository, which is the role of ERP in e-commerce.

This kind of e-commerce ERP solution gives you total freedom when it comes to keep information centralized and avoid mistakes and errors between different systems inside your company. This way the data concerning products, inventory, orders, shipments, customers, payments and taxes is accessible from one single source that keeps everything updated in almost real time (depending on the type of integration you choose).

So better keep an eye on the benefits of an ERP e-commerce integration for any company:

  • Avoiding classic manual mistakes: incorrect product information, order and shipment details, prices, stock levels, duplicated data
  • Total control over the online sales funnel
  • More efficient workflows
  • Higher productivity & benefits
  • Better customer experiencia and customer loyalty

In order to perform an ERP e-commerce integration you’ll mostly look for YGL ERP4.0 which is able or customise and gives support to the role of ERP in e-commerce. It’s the best option to guarantee a seamless integration and benefit from other valuable perks like technical support and training.

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