ERP And Big Data Integration Benefits | YGL BeyondERP

ERP And Big Data Integration Benefits | YGL BeyondERP
ERP And Big Data Integration Benefits
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Why Big data and ERP should be implemented together?

Data coming from customer orders, warehouse inventories and production lines can be analysed by big data tools to optimise manufacturing operations. Accurate and relevant data has the potential to kindle gains in manufacturing areas. Getting the right data at right time is necessary for making better business decisions for manufacturing companies.

Big data and ERP integration for the manufacturing industry can tremendously increase the level of work by gathering data (inventory manifests, supply chain reports, sales orders, and invoices) generated in past and further analyse it to determine underlying trends and extracting valuable insights.

Big data and ERP for manufacturing for future planning

Manufacturers require a better picture of the status of their products in the market. Means, how it’s used and how much people like it? Are there any drawbacks? So, Big data tools implied on ERP systems can track customer data from social media pages like images, blog posts, etc., in which the products are shown. Gradually, these use cases help make a manufacturer better understand what customers like, dislike, their choices, and needs. These insights also help to recognize potential customer needs as the data analytics provide a precise view of the use cases of products. Further, manufacturers can use this information to build better production strategies and produce according to new trends.

Types of Data in Big data

The practice of collecting data such as in the form of examinations, financial reports and other forms of structured data has been prevalent from long back. This knowledge (in the form of information) helps in making better business decisions. But, it fails to provide deep insights. Big data probes into some deeper level of information such as customer point of view for the organization and employees work track.

These are a few kinds of information which are a part of big data analytics:

Social data:

Big data analytics tools can be used to know about customer feedbacks extracted from social media platforms. Take this into consideration to use Big Data and ERP for Manufacturing.

IoT data:

Internet of Things is such a technology which is popular for its exceptional benefits. IoT devices are very helpful to give real-time data to ERP systems. Thus, it makes good big data strategies. In manufacturing companies, acquiring real-time insights from pieces of equipment (IoT enabled) into ERP systems helps manufacturers make better asset management strategies.

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