ERP Automation Benefits and Trends

ERP Automation Benefits and Trends
ERP Automation Benefits and Trends
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The Beneficial Impact of AI within an ERP

Besides the automation an ERP provides for outside purposes, an ERP can also derive benefit itself from increased automation within the application.

New and emerging technologies are impacting ERPs in many significant ways.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied in a myriad of ways to provide more tightly integrated automation in newer ERP systems.

AI can be used to analyze immense amounts of data to generate insights that can in turn support improved business decisions or spot emerging trends.

In addition, the increased use of AI for routine functions like stock reorders allows for employees to better spend their time on tasks that AI cannot easily do.

These same employees will also now have more time to expand their skill sets and training.

AI can determine how to route and execute transactions through the use of modern technologies such as inbound voice recognition (IVR).

When applied to an ERP system, IVR lets users operate within the application hands-free, which improves accuracy and operations for work activities.

Voice recognition interactions can also boost security when it is applied to user authentication and privileges.

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