ERP consolidation

ERP consolidation
Are your system able to consolidate your finance statement?

Does your master data lack standardization? Are you unable to retrieve clean, consolidated data from an authoritative source?

Are your ERP systems running on obsolete or soon-to-be obsolete technologies?

Have you modified one or more of your systems so much that you can no longer upgrade the software to the most recent version?

Does it require significant resources to maintain seamless integration between your products each time you upgrade or modify a particular system?

Are you unable to leverage economies of scale because of a disconnect between business units or divisions?

Has the cost of maintaining your ERP infrastructure spiraled out of control? Are you paying through the nose every year for licensing, subscription, maintenance, or support fees?

If your answered is YES to many of these questions, it might be time to adopt a single, business-wide such as YGL ERP4.0 solution.

ERP consolidation allows you to cut both short-term and long-term costs, decrease risk to your business and sensitive information, and increase workforce productivity and efficiency.

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