ERP for Plant Maintenance | Plant & Machine Maintenance

ERP for Plant Maintenance | Plant & Machine Maintenance
ERP for Plant Maintenance
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Plant Maintenance is a process that involves regular inspections, checks and servicing of equipment and machinery to ensure the plant is in optimum working condition with no breakdown. It also involves repairing or replacing necessary parts, equipment and machinery.

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YGL BeyondERP suit help organizations track the upkeep of their assets and associated costs of the work, with the ultimate goal of prolonging an asset’s lifespan at minimal expense. This could include maintaining assets in a single facility or a range of facilities, or maintaining a group of equipment or types of machinery.

Primarily there are 4 types of Maintenance.

  • Corrective Maintenance means repairs carried out after equipment breaks down
  • Scheduled Maintenance -means regular inspection, lubrication, repair of equipment to ensure smooth functioning and prevent breakdown
  • Preventive Maintenance involves Periodic inspection of equipment and machinery to carry out any repairs in initial stages to eliminate chances of equipment breakdown.
  • Predictive Maintenance means using sensitive instruments to check the Pressure, Temperature, Resistance etc., to predict troubles & fix them before equipment fails.

Plant Maintenance Module captures information of equipment maintenance, breakdown analysis , lets you schedule maintenance task calendar for all equipment etc.

  • Plant Maintenance Module covers all maintenance tasks such as Inspection, Servicing and Repair activities.
  • It also provides Integrated Business Reports that help in reducing the duration and cost of downtime as a result of damage.
  • It enables the user to recognize the possible challenges within technical system in good time.
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