Can ERP Help Your Business?

Can ERP Help Your Business?
Can ERP help your business?

Can ERP Help Your Business- If you are yet to explore how an enterprise resource planning system can bring positive change to your business, today is your opportunity to take a closer look and get excited by the possibilities.

You see, ERP isn’t just one thing. It’s not two things, either. Nor is it three, or four. But then, it can be if you need it to be. What does that mean? It means ERP can help your business from all angles, no matter how many – or few – angles there are.

For example, all businesses have finances. The software you use to manage your finances is a resource, as are the staff and training that go along with it. The provisions you make for the raw materials you buy, all production costs, and sales are all made possible through your resources. Perhaps a system to manage your resources would be of benefit? Let’s take a look.

Procurement & supply chain management

Do you know the details of each of your suppliers? Do you know the delivery dates of every raw material you need to make your business run like clockwork? What about waste? Storage? Staff training on how those materials are used?

Your procurement considerations may at this moment in time be done by ear. That is to say, you watch out for a phone call or email from a supply chain manager to let you know when more materials are needed. Sound roughly accurate? Perhaps you have a regular order in place with your suppliers, ensuring that “about” the right quantity of materials show up at “about” the right time.

ERP can help you organize your procurement and supply chain management considerations, minimizing waste and speeding up your production processes.

Greater visibility (regarding working practices across departments)

Do your staff have a solid working knowledge of practices across the company? Do they understand how their actions impact people further down the line? Perhaps they have no idea that something they are doing is actually slowing things down for another part of the company. For example, where work is carried out but no notes are given, the next department may have to spend time analyzing what has already been done to then help them plan their next step.

ERP gives you a centralized control panel of information that lets all employees see exactly what is going on. With a better picture in their minds, insights into better production methods can be gleaned. Staff will also benefit from being able to better highlight any discrepancies to other departments via easy to access shareable data.

Save time and money

Ultimately, ERP saves time and money. You can think of ERP as being the Hawkeye view on your entire company. From the decisions at the start of the supply chain to insights from your sales and aftercare teams, you can rely on ERP to tie everything together and provide your staff with insights for more transparent ways of working.

YGL BeyondERP system integrates applications allows you to enable a seamless workflow from your finance to warehouse and right down to your production efficiency by providing you the essential management dashboard which allows you to have a clear visibility.

As an industry leader in ERP system Implementation, we can be sure that each YGL consultants have the highest qualifications. We provide a wide range of ERP System Integrations with experience ranging from IOT(Internet of Things) right down to Data analytics  on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), supporting all functional modules to complete project management for your project needs. All of our consultants are fully vetted for the project they’re submitted for, which means you’re only reviewing the most qualified consultants who do what you need done.

We Can Help to implement ERP System Integration under Industry 4.0

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today so that we can help you with our YGL BeyondERP which is strategy Industry 4.0 ready implementation needs heading towards Industry 4.0.

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