ERP industry 4.0 software | YGL ERP4.0

ERP industry 4.0 software | YGL ERP4.0
ERP industry4.0 software

YGL is one of the largest providers of ERP and Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions in Malaysia. YGL is also the dominant Web and Apps based internet portal provider in the Asia region. YGL is also the Service Provider with our in-house team comprise of Certified Accountant, Software Designer, SQL Database Programmer, Dot Net Developer, Mobile Android & IOS Developer and Software Consultant in Malaysia and the intellectual property right is owned in Malaysia. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have emerged as the core of successful Information Management and the Enterprise backbone of an organisations.

We are also an integrators with the Machine Connectivity vendors to provide a total solution and seamless integration of big machine data into our ERP for capacity planning, strategic planning and analysis across enterprise wide.  This is to make sure that the users may achieve the return of investment within the shortest space of time and benefit from more flexible IT infrastructure that helps drive innovation, generate value and lead at your rate of growth.

Our systems features are flexible and highly developed to assist any organisation in managing all aspects of needs.  Our ERP system is fully integrate with Sales & Purchase cycle, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Production and Shop Floor Controls, Planning can easily be generated for the accountant’s review according to various criteria. Our management dashboard module and extensive Analysis reporting allows the management to keep a clear view on financial, sales, operation performance KPI. The ERP is totally integrated into all of the company’s functions, whether it is machine interface, analytic or cost accounting.

Our Industry 4.0 ERP system is one of the integrated solutions which follow the International Standard Operating Procedure. The system compliance with Malaysia Government regulations (SST, MFRS, MPERS) and international standards. The ERP fits size and budget, flexible, process for every division while offering unlimited scalability for tomorrow. The ERP is aimed to complete both Vertical and Horizontal integration of all the elements of a business including suppliers, customer service network, internal control and easy management review with connectivity and intelligence brought by web-enabled technologies and intelligent computing to meet the demands of e-business practices.

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