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ERP Order Management System | YGL BeyondERP
ERP Order Management System
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What is an Order Management System?

Achieving a single view of demand, inventory and supply is one of the most problematic challenges for businesses. Order management systems provide a way to not only increase efficiency, improve fulfillment but improve the customer experience. An order management system can provide one centralized place to manage orders from all sales channels. Centralizing this in one system is critical to delivering a superior customer experience by providing order status, on-time deliveries and meeting customer expectations for buy, fulfill and return anywhere.

While order management often plays a critical role while dealing with the complexity of the fulfillment process, a traditional system no longer cuts it. The biggest reason why is that ERP was never really expected to manage sales processes. ERP order management systems were initially intended to be internal systems, that managed the manufacturing processes. ERP allows manufacturers the ability to translate large amounts of materials into materials needed assemble each component of a product.


  • An Efficient Tool for your Sales Reps
    With a B2B ordering portal, a rep or agent when visiting their customers can quickly login, add new customers and take orders in the field via an iPad or laptop.
  • A Better Service to your Customers
    Benefit from a complete B2B ordering portal where your customers can login to view your product catalogue, your price lists, place orders directly and communicate with you.
  • Eliminate Paper Processes
    By providing a gateway to automatically sync new data with back office systems, you are ensuring that paper processes and redundant work can be eliminated.
  • Real-Time Stock Control
    Whichever channel you sell from, inventory is updated in real-time across all other channels, so you’ll never sell an out of stock item again.
  • A Convenient CRM
    Gain easy access to the entire history of your customers to help answer support queries, no matter what channel they bought from.
  • Invoice Customers on the Go
    Manage your on-the-road delivery operations with ease with a mobile device that emails invoices on the go, helping to enhance the customer experience further.
  • Gain Better Clarity of your Accounts
    Invoiced orders can be imported directly to your accounting software, providing better clarity between sales and accounts.

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