Future Factory Through Malaysia Industry 4.0

Future Factory Through Malaysia Industry 4.0

COVID-19 pandemic has apparently impacted business entities and the corporate world of the way people work, most of the organizations had to put information technology development at the heart of their business transformation journey. However, in any other circumstances, it would have taken years, not only a few months to shape the future factory through the journey of Industry 4.0 in Malaysia.

Industry 4.0 is the Fourth Industrial Revolution which focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Through digital transformation, organizations not only take advantage of the efficiency and productivity gains via Industry 4.0. In addition, it will also transform the way the entire company operation and lead to continuous company growth.

In the era of technology where the Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligent), advanced analytics, cognitive computing, 3D printing, predictive maintenance and robotics are emerging and grow rapidly. It is the perfect time of the Smart factory, where data from connected operations is used to learn and adapt to ever-changing demands.

For the past few years, the Malaysian government has played crucial roles engage with the private sector to move towards Industry 4.0. Initiatives are introduced to encourage the industry players to embark on this new journey of the industrial revolution to boost productivity growth, with priority initially given to the manufacturing sector and also extend it to other sectors.

Benefits of Adopting an Industry 4.0 Model in Malaysia

Industry 4.0 spans the entire product life cycle from design, sales, inventory, scheduling, quality, engineering, and customer and other process.

  • Save costs, improve profit and increase business growth. Industry 4.0 technology provide an easy way for the businesses to manage and optimize all aspects of manufacturing process and supply chain. Provide accessibility to the real-time data and insights for management to make smarter and faster decisions of your business, which can ultimately boost the efficiency and profitability of entire operation.
  • Build a stronger and more collaborative team. Enable companies who invest in Industry 4.0 solutions increase productivity and efficiency, improve workplace collaboration between departments, obtain the instant updates from work, and allow the employees and superior to get more fully leverage real-time data and intelligence to make better decisions while managing their daily task.
  • Identified potential issues earlier before the issues occurs. From real-time data and report, internet-connected machinery, predictive analytics and automation can let the businesses be more alert and proactive of the potential issues thus the management able to solve the issues efficiently before it happens.
  • Stay Competitive in the Market. Invest in technology or solutions that help organizations improve and optimize your own operation. Optimization always play a major role in keeping high end equipment maintained efficiently by having the right resources put in the right place at the right time. Solutions or systems in place allow the organizations to deliver consistently higher levels of customer service to customers and clients.
  • Connected Data Makes Compliance Easier. Managing regulatory compliance in industries can be complicated and always been a challenge for organizations. Industry 4.0 technologies help to automate compliance including track and trace, quality inspections, serialisation, data logging, hence reduce the need for human intervention and create fully automated business workflows that speed up the process.

Get To Know Related Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is the connection between physical devices, such as machines and applications, and able to transfer data over a network without the need of human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

For examples of IoT in action such as the facilitate the applications and production flow in factories as they able to monitor development cycles automatically without operate manually and they can use in managing inventory for warehouse.

Big data and advanced analytics

Big data and analytics are used to examine of large and diverse datasets, different from traditional way of capture databases, it can manage and process the data with low latency and faster. Organisation able to access and take that “data” turn it into useful information to make more informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning

The growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning is accelerating that utilize by manufacturers to increase product quality, productivity and reduce operational costs. Smart factories are like a digitized factories that allow employees or employers easily and instantly monitor your production floor and collect data through smart devices, machines or systems without the need to be on site.


Robotics in manufacturing is on the rise where they play a major role in the manufacturing landscape nowadays. Automation done by robotics takes over the repetitive tasks to free the human workforce hence they can focus on more productive areas of the operation, reduce error to negligible rates, allows organisations to remain competitive in the market by offering an efficient. In fact, it provide a viable option for organisations when they cannot find an employee who able to fulfil the skills set that business needed.


In short, with the rapid development of Malaysia industry 4.0, organisations should understand the advantages that transformative technology brings where it will modernise your business systems and keep up to date with the current trend in search for business growth.

The investment of building a smart factory benefits manufacturers not only to improve productivity but also to create a safer, flexible, and more reliable operation.

More demands on the manufacturing industry will keep coming in due to the trend for more on-demand production and ever-present drive to reduce costs. Implement technology into your production is a simple way for manufacturers to stand out in a crowd of competitors and dynamic marketplace as business are take advantages on digital innovation to improve their whole production workflow.

If your organisation is already planning and take part in the industry 4.0, management should get a deep understanding on your capabilities and limitations of your existing IT architecture in order to apply appropriate industry 4.0 technology to fit in your business strategy.

Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about how our ERP system requirement for Industry 4.0 can assist you to overcome challenges in your business with confidence.

We Help Manage Industry 4.0 Implementation via ERP System

With YGL, you’ll be working with the most experienced professionals in the ERP industry. Besides, whether you need short-term support or resources for a long-term engagement, our ERP Consultants have the expertise to help you implement and integrate the ERP system requirement for Industry 4.0 in Malaysia. With a core team of functional and technical ERP consultants that are both skilled and certified, we can quickly implement a robust ERP System to maximize the value of your investment.

YGL BeyondERP system applications allow you to enable a seamless workflow from your finance to warehouse and right down to your production efficiency by providing you the essential management dashboard which allows you to have a clear visibility.

As an industry leader in ERP system Implementation, we can be sure that each YGL consultants have the highest qualifications. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of ERP System Integrations with experience ranging from IOT(Internet of Things) right down to Data analytics  on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), supporting all functional modules to complete project management for your project needs. All of our consultants are fully vetted for the project they’re submitted for, which means you’re only reviewing the most qualified consultants who do what you need done.

We Can Help to implement ERP System Integration under Industry 4.0

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today so that we can help you with our YGL BeyondERP which is strategy Industry 4.0 ready implementation needs heading towards Industry 4.0.

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