How Artificial Intelligence Improves ERP Software?

How Artificial Intelligence Improves ERP Software?
How Artificial Intelligence Improves ERP Software_
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Which AI technologies affecting ERP?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have “invaded” many fields from network security, marketing, robotics automation, and ERP management systems are the next choice. ERP system is the core of the enterprise organisation, it affects how employees perform daily tasks, provides all functions from accounting to human resources, and automatically executes many processes at the background. The next three AI technologies will have a major impact on future ERP systems: cognitive automation, intelligent automation and computer vision.

AI allows ERP vendors to improve ERP systems using machine learning and natural-language interfaces. The AI in ERP systems provides actionable data insights enabling companies to improve their operational efficiency.

1. Cognitive automation

Cognitive automation technology focuses on knowledge-based job duties, such as answering customer support requests. The ERP management system equipped with this powerful solution can imitate the thinking process of human employees to make decisions.

Based on customer support examples, cognitive automation is the best choice for finding employee problems. Once they recognise this information, they can walk through the process step by step. Employees regain the time they had previously spent on the request. These robotic process automation tools can use the company’s ERP management system software to create significant efficiency and productivity.

2. Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation technology goes a step further than cognitive automation. It is not limited to routine and predictable tasks. IA (Image Analysis Technology) can handle edge cases in unexpected situations due to the development of AI relies on. Natural language processing is one of the most popular implementation methods of this technology. Enterprises do not need to use this type of automation to construct requests and queries.

1. Advanced Analytics

2. Warehouse Management

3. Forecasting

4. Financial Management

5. Interdepartmental Processes

6. Customer Service

7. Production Processes

8. Human Resources

9. Sales Automation

Should You Select an ERP System With AI Capabilities?

While ERP systems have always been able to integrate various functions within an organization, AI takes this integration to the next level. It does this by analysing large amounts of data, making predictions and suggesting next steps.

YGL’s ERP consultants can help your company select an AI-enabled ERP system that increases your operational efficiency and improves your customer.

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