Machine Integration | Integrating ERP to industrial machines | ERP integrates with machines

Machine Integration | Integrating ERP to industrial machines | ERP integrates with machines
ERP integrates to machines

Industry 4.0 is seen as the beginning phase where computers and automation become connected and as an opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the manufacturing industry. With the application of real-time data and information by integrating physical machinery and devices with networked sensors and software to predict, control and reduce costs in a long-term view.

Based on the integration to YGL ERP4.0, there are many challenges related to the integration of Industry 4.0 and current ERP systems especially when it comes to the machine to machine, machine to ERP communication and the security of the data.

Crucially, manufacturers need to address whether their existing ERP environment can support this level of integration with ERP as they embark on their journey towards Industry 4.0

Is your ERP system flexible?

Is your machine integrate with your ERP system, and able to cope with multiple locations?

Is your ERP software capable of central data management?

Does your ERP system facilitate mobility and social collaboration?

Are you ready to benefit from the powerful analytics and business intelligence associated with Industry 4.0?

It is clear that for manufacturers, growth in an Industry 4.0 environment will be intrinsically linked with a business’s ERP system. YGL ERP4.0 solutions in place will be in a better position to meet the fast-paced and connected requirements of Industry 4.0. Certainly, the boundaries between production and management must disappear, if businesses are to realise the growth opportunities presented by this new age of intelligent manufacturing.

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