Integration of eCommerce with ERP

Integration of eCommerce with ERP
maximise your revenues from eCommerce ERP integration

Successful integration between eCommerce and ERP provides front to back flow of business processes. This capability helps with the rapid transfer of information required to fulfil the demand. Information such as; sales order detail, customer profiles, stock availability, pricing, and other financial analysis. Crucially, this data exchange needs to be both instantaneous and bi-directional.  The beauty of this technology, of course, is that it’s the customer that enters the order, not the order taker. Once the order is active the system takes over; one set of keystrokes by the customer and then few or little more by the fulfilment team. By skilfully designing these steps a business can attain unlimited scalability and scope for growth.

All this leads to a business enjoying more flexibility and frees up key resources to concentrate on value-adding activity such as marketing and supply chain.

The main benefits of integrating eCommerce with ERP

  • Leverage existing customer, product, sales, inventory and shipping data
  • Reduce inventory cost by having better sales demand visibility
  • Eliminate redundant manual entry
  • Streamline sale processes from the website to the delivery
  • Notify customers when orders ship
  • Increase internal productivity
  • Generate better financial analysis
  • Manage multiple online and offline sales channels to maximise revenue and profit
  • Meet tax requirements with automated tax compliance
  • Allow customers to track product delivery from a single portal

YGL ERP4.0 offers the greatest flexibility in ERP for the eCommerce industry.  With YGL ERP4.0integration to eCommerce ERP, you can manage the entire process; inventory, packaging, shipping, return, customer service and accounting all from within one workflow and dashboard.

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