Kembara Digital Malaysia

Kembara Digital Malaysia

Kembara Digital Malaysia an initiative to help Malaysians face digital era

The KDM programme among others aims to raise awareness and knowledge among the people on the importance and methods of utilising communications technology apart from spurring digital growth especially at the grassroots level.

It also aims to narrow the communication gap between the government and people apart from building an informed society through dissemination of information speedily, accurately and meticulously.

Booths have been provided for the exhibitors consisting of broadband service providers, manufacturers/distributors of ICT equipment and content and federal and state government agencies.

YGL participated at the exhibition and showcase the Ind4.0 ERP solution connectivity to the machine. YGL has invited NSSDC to share the booth with YGL to showcase the vocational programme.

Do contact us if you want to see a trail demo.

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