Production Planning and Control | Production Planning Management

Production Planning and Control | Production Planning Management
Production Planning and Control

Production planning and control (or PPC) is defined as a work process which seeks to allocate human resources, raw materials, and equipment/machines in a way that optimizes efficiency. In layman’s terms, PPC helps manufacturers work smarter in allocating internal resources of people, materials, and machines in order to meet the demands of customers.

With ever-shorter lead times and increasing price pressure, the challenges of make-to-order manufacturing and complex variant management are loud and clear. To compete, mid-sized companies must optimize their production processes. That’s why ERP production planning and control (PPC) is at the heart of the YGL BeyondERP system for modern production companies. It enables efficiency, coordination, and the leveraging of production-related data to drive improvement.

Production under control

Since medium-sized suppliers are becoming increasingly involved in their customers’ product development, the subject of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is gaining importance. The development and production of complex products at different sites with a large number of people involved requires significant coordination and collaboration. You can trace the version history seamlessly over many years to check what was developed or changed and when. No confusion or redundancy of effort here.

With YGL BeyondERP Production Planning & Control, your production processes become much more coordinated, collaborative, and streamlined, enabling you to increase value creation throughout production.

How YGL BeyondERP can help SMEs in manufacturing industry to adopt and implement Industry 4.0?

We Help Manage Industry 4.0 Implementation via ERP System

With YGL, you’ll be working with the most experienced professionals in the ERP industry. Whether you need short-term support or resources for a long term engagements, our ERP Consultants have the expertise to help you implement and integrate the ERP system requirement for Industry 4.0. With a core team of functional and technical ERP consultants that are both skilled and certified, we can quickly implement a robust ERP System to maximize the value of your investment.

YGL BeyondERP system applications allows you to enable a seamless workflow from your finance to warehouse and right down to your production efficiency by providing you the essential management dashboard which allows you to have a clear visibility.

As an industry leader in ERP system Implementation, we can be sure that each YGL consultants have the highest qualifications. We provide a wide range of ERP System Integrations with experience ranging from IOT(Internet of Things) right down to Data analytics  on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), supporting all functional modules to complete project management for your project needs. All of our consultants are fully vetted for the project they’re submitted for, which means you’re only reviewing the most qualified consultants who do what you need done.

We Can Help to implement ERP System Integration under Industry 4.0

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today so that we can help you with our YGL BeyondERP which is strategy Industry 4.0 ready implementation needs heading towards Industry 4.0.

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