Smart Manufacturing: Are You Facing Difficulties?

Smart Manufacturing: Are You Facing Difficulties?
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From the shop floor to delivery and aftersales services, innovation and connectivity have drastically changed the sector. With innovative technologies such as big data,  the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and cloud technology, the manufacturing industry has experienced huge advances that have given birth to the smart manufacturing concept.

Using these technologies, smart manufacturing presents exciting new opportunities for industrial production – but not without creating business challenges. And when facing these, companies without an advanced ERP system will struggle to keep up with demands

ERP Challenges: Is It Time to Update Your ERP?

In the changing environment presented by smart manufacturing, your company may find itself struggling with the following challenges:Too Many Systems, Not Enough Time

A Predictive Approach to Maintenance

Blurred Insights, Slow Actions

System Hopping Between Departments

Lacking Vital IIOT Capabilities

Slow Access to Data; Slow to Innovate

Older ERP systems with additional individual solutions running alongside require too much management and leave very little room for innovation. And, finding out where innovation is actually needed can also be a struggle when your data is siloed and the performance of each of your machines is not being monitored. When your IT managers spend their time on managing a complicated IT environment, there is often not enough time, nor resources, to spend on innovation – and you could quickly lose your competitive edge in the market.

Updating your legacy systems to Ygl ERP4.0 solution can help you overcome the abovementioned challenges

At Ygl, we combne more than 20 years’ experience in discrete and process manufacturing industries experience. We worked with manufacturers to help them gain greater visibility and control of their manufacturing operations.

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