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Smart warehouses approach their operations as a series of interconnected operations, processes and resources, each deserving attention and critical examination to promote efficiency, with the goal of lowering time and cost to perform. They also understand that the hand-off between each process provides both opportunities and challenges.

Smart Warehouse must be able to:

  • Automate as it makes sense economically, but don’t ignore the easy stuff. There is a lot of automation available here and now without any significant investment.
  • Remain nimble in terms of space, staff and software
  • Scale instantaneously in response to need
  • Provide 100% Visibility – in Real-Time
  • Use a Web Centric approach to run the business and provide a Customer Centric experience

What Are Smart Warehouse Systems?


Smart warehouse systems, then, are the result of the various interconnected warehousing technologies working together. They form a technological ecosystem where goods are received, identified, sorted, organized and pulled for shipment automatically. The best smart warehouse solutions automate almost the entire operation, from suppliers to customers, with minimal errors.

When considering smart warehousing, you should keep an eye out for a few traits that mark a successful smart warehouse system. Some of these traits are:



Data Visibility

What Makes Up a Smart Warehouse?


Radio-Frequency Identification

Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things

Warehouse Management Systems

The use of a WMS is the cherry on top of all of your smart technology. A WMS solution has many uses, from gathering valuable data to helping users manage warehousing processes. This allows you to keep track of how efficient your warehouse’s day-to-day operations are and if you can improve on anything specific.

Implementing Smart Warehouse Systems

It’s time to start implementing automation. Start small and build towards automation. Start with just one of these technologies, and after a few years, add another. A few years after that, add another, and so on and so forth. We suggest starting with a WMS. It’s one of the cheapest to implement, and by gathering and managing your warehousing data, it’s essentially the heart of a smart warehouse system.

Smart warehousing brings a significant amount of optimization to any warehouse operation. Automation is on the rise and will continue to be adopted by more and more warehousing companies, don’t fall behind!


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