Digitalise Your Business with ERP system


Return On Investment

Sales grew by 20% every year

Increased total productivity by 25%

Reduced time spent on Accounting and Receiving by 50%

Achieved anywhere, anytime visibility

Reduced inventory carrying costs

Solved performance and scalability

Greater supply chain efficiency and visibility by scheduling production in the plant closet to the customer



Overcoming The Challenges of Improving Speed and Scale

Medispec (M) Sdn Bhd is a leading wholesale distributor and marketer of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in Malaysia with an excellent track record of 36 years. Our company is located in Penang, Malaysia. The company’s proven marketing and management systems give competitive edge to the manufacturer’s products.

Currently it handles a wide range of pharmaceutical and health care products from countries such as Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, India and Bangladesh. Medispec employs over 100 staff and has its headquarters in Penang. It has a 4 units of 4-storey building in Petaling Jaya that serves as Medispec’s Strategic & Logistic Centre and a sales office in Ipoh.

Use YGL SALES@WORK App with Smartphones to Grow MEDISPEC Pharmaceutical Sales

Smartphones can give your sales reps–and your business–a competitive edge by enabling them to respond quickly to customer needs and questions. Smartphones also provide instant access to customer data and let your workforce share information and presentations, check inventory and close deals.

1. Remember people you meet. “Contact lists in your phone are great and able to capture people’s names, the place you met, their relationship with other contacts and your own personal notes, use an app like YGL Mobile Sales@work,” says Nicholas, senior sales manager, Medispec company.

2. Respond faster to customers. “When we get the order from our customers, we directly send the orders which is within few seconds to few minutes to our office, our store and our administrator will directly process the orders,” he points out.

3. Able to check stocks balance online. Any mobile phone can help your sales team stay in touch with the office, colleagues and customers. The Apps is able to trace the stocks balance and check the expiry of the stocks and stocks availability in the store.

4. Share files—and make changes—on the go. “File sharing [apps] make it possible to send large sales presentations or relevant clinic papers without slowing down your email client,” says Nicholas, Medispec. “We can use the system to show the pamphlets and clinic papers to the doctors” he notes.

5. Always have a video pitch with you. “A short video can demonstrate more advantages of your product” than, say, a standard PowerPoint presentation, says Nicholas, senior marketing manager.

6. Fast collection from customers. “Mobile access to your company’s SOM system, to obtain or record prospect info (activity, status, financial, etc.), is invaluable, mobile access to customer data is critical to field sales teams,” concurs Nicholas,  Senior Sales Manager. “Sales representatives are inherently more effective if they can access information about their customers or clients in real time.”

7. Take orders from the road. With a smartphone “and an app that allows them to take orders over their smartphone (or tablet), your sales reps can be more productive while on the road.”

Close deals faster. With a smartphone and an electronic signature app, “my clients can sign contracts anywhere in just minutes via their smartphone.”

8. Monitor inventory and restock on the go. “Ygl Sales@Work system is an online accessible, and I monitor sales on my smart phone,” explains Nicholas. “When an item goes out of stock, I am alerted via my smartphone. I immediately contact my vendors to see if there is more in inventory and then add it to our inventory (via the smartphone) as soon as possible,” he explains. “This is great, especially when we have an especially hot item!”

The Results

Medispec (M) Sdn Bhd CEO Mr. Teng says “Ygl system is fantastic. I am very happy with the system because as our business grow for the past 10 years. We have been growing by 10 to 20 percent every year and the system can support us.” Concludes Mr. Teng Beng Lee.

How YGL BeyondERP can help SMEs in manufacturing industry to adopt and implement Industry 4.0?

We Help Manage Industry 4.0 Implementation via VERTICALLY INTEGRATED ERP System

With YGL, you’ll be working with the most experienced professionals in the ERP industry. Whether you need short-term support or resources for a long term engagements, our ERP Consultants have the expertise to help you implement and integrate the ERP system requirement for Industry 4.0. With a core team of functional and technical ERP consultants that are both skilled and certified, we can quickly implement a robust ERP System to maximize the value of your investment.

YGL BeyondERP system applications allows you to enable a seamless workflow from your finance to warehouse and right down to your production efficiency by providing you the essential management dashboard which allows you to have a clear visibility.

As an industry leader in ERP system Implementation, we can be sure that each YGL consultants have the highest qualifications. We provide a wide range of ERP System Integrations with experience ranging from IOT(Internet of Things) right down to Data analytics  on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), supporting all functional modules to complete project management for your project needs. All of our consultants are fully vetted for the project they’re submitted for, which means you’re only reviewing the most qualified consultants who do what you need done.

We Can Help to implement ERP System Integration under Industry 4.0

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today so that we can help you with our YGL BeyondERP which is strategy Industry 4.0 ready implementation needs heading towards Industry 4.0.

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