Warehouse Digitalization | Benefits of WMS: Choose BeyondERP

Warehouse Digitalization | Benefits of WMS: Choose BeyondERP
Benefits of WMS: Choose YGL Beyond ERP Warehouse with an Effective Digital WMS

Warehouse digitalization is the future of warehousing

To keep pace with ever-evolving technologies and the advent of artificial intelligent, warehouse digitalization has become the key for businesses not only to improve their bottom-line but also to maintain a strong competitive edge.

A capable, integrated Warehouse Management System can save money and improve profitability in many areas. Some are:

1. Reduce the potential for “lost” inventory.

Because each item is assigned a particular warehouse slot and tracked from receiving to shipping, no product should be misplaced.

2. Reduce warehouse costs and enhance employee utilization.

More efficient placement and selection can allow 3PLs to reduce labor costs. Combined with mechanized warehousing services systems, more inventory can be managed with less space.

3. Optimize Supply Chain inventories.

Storage space is sometimes considered wasted space. Similarly, excess inventory is wasted money.

Because uncertainty is eliminated, WMS allows for each stage of the supply chain, including warehousing services, to reduce inventories and safety stocks to optimal levels.

4. Eliminate surprises and emergency deliveries.

With the transparency of an effectively integrated WMS, demand changes can be anticipated quicker. As a result, inventories may be adjusted sooner to meet the unexpected shift in demand.

5. Inventory tracking, billing, and financial data become automatic.

With a well-developed WMS system, all elements of warehousing services are integrated. When a single order is received the inventory starts to move, invoicing is created, trucks are loaded, and deliveries are scheduled.

6. More efficient production planning and procurement.

Through shared forecasting and real-time inventory information, production planning and procurement can become more efficient. Matching forecasts with lead-times and inventories, production and purchasing managers can improve product flows.

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