Warehouses for the Food Industry | YGL WMS

Warehouses for the Food Industry | YGL WMS
WMS for food industry

As the food and beverage (F&B) industry gets increasingly competitive and innovative, it is vital that food manufacturers adopt automated warehousing solutions in order to survive and YGL Warehouse Management System (WMS) is one of the warehouse management system that assist many manufacturers increase their operate business efficiency.

Improved labour efficiency

Efficiency within a supply chain can be boosted by automating physical tasks. In an automated warehouse, machines transport goods ranging from pallets and boxes to single SKUs completely and automatically.

Higher warehouse throughput

Increased market demand for easier and quicker access to F&B items can place a great amount of pressure on food manufacturers to keep up. 

Warehouse systems transparency

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provide real-time, end-to-end transparency throughout supply chains. As a software platform that automates internal warehouse logistics, WMS make intelligent, real-time decisions that direct movement within a warehouse. A WMS is similar to inventory management software, as it helps warehouse operators track and control product movement. It also provides plenty of information to operators. The information ranges from KPIs such as service levels to very detailed process data, like truck positions and inventory volume.

Cost reduction

Smart solutions automate redundant physical tasks, such as transporting materials to and from different operations within a warehouse. Automated machines like Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) are efficient and cost-effective options for complex sorting applications or to connect very distant points. Employing RGVs to manage warehouse logistics allows F&B manufacturers to scale down the cost of unproductive labour. Warehouse workers can use the time savings to upgrade their skills and knowledge or to focus on other value-added operations, such as packing, shipping and quality checks to ensure accuracy.

Maximising storage volume

Warehouse operators can maximise the use of underutilised overhead warehouse space by employing smart material handling solutions such as Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions (ASRS). In many cases, the additional volume created enabled storage for a much greater amount of inventory.

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