YGL BeyondERP and sustainable manufacturing

YGL BeyondERP and sustainable manufacturing
YGL Beyond ERP and sustainable manufacturing
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Sustainable Manufacturing

‘Sustainable manufacturing’ includes the manufacturing of ‘sustainable’ products and the sustainable manufacturing of all products.  It’s the environmental responsibility of manufacturing companies to begin to keep this phrase in mind. 

There are three key ways an ERP system can help make your manufacturing more sustainable. 

1. Improved visibility 
ERP systems deliver a single, overarching view of company operations, it can reveal the opportunities for change that will have the strongest impact. For example, it is critical to be able to identify the plant and equipment in place, its maintenance and use schedules, and what happens if a piece of equipment fails. Without this knowledge it becomes impossible for manufacturing organisations to make the kind of changes that deliver both environmental and operational benefits. 

By scheduling equipment and plant maintenance at optimum times, manufacturers can ensure their equipment is running as efficiently as possible. This can save on electricity use and emissions, and it also reduces downtime associated with unplanned repairs. 

2. Better decision-making 
An ERP system delivers visibility into internal processes as well as the results of decisions. Consequently, managers can make smarter decisions based on these insights. They can then see where simple changes can make manufacturing processes cheaper, faster, and more environmentally sound. 

3. Streamlined logistics and transportation 
An ERP system helps manufacturers understand the environmental impact of logistics and transportation, and make changes accordingly. This can save money and time as well as greenhouse gas emissions. For example, a company could change its delivery routes and times, choose suppliers that are located closer to the factory, or distribute loads according to what is most efficient, such as using fewer, larger trucks. 

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