YGL ERP4.0 Solution Integrates with the Shop Floor PLC System

YGL ERP4.0 Solution Integrates with the Shop Floor PLC System
YGL ERP4.0 Solution Integrates with the Shop Floor PLC System

Benefits of YGL ERP4.0 Software Integration with Shop Floor PLC System

It is importance of finding new ways to save time on labour and money on material while increasing productivity. The main goals for any business when implementing ERP software (enterprise resource planning system) are to cut costs and increase performance.  ERP software helps businesses accomplish this with the following capabilities:

  • reduced operational costs
  • increased company profits
  • improved ease of use with process automation
  • more accurate data with real-time information
  • better management of company assets, inventories, capacity, schedules, forecasts, orders, etc.

Economic realities are making ERP software implementations almost compulsory for every business in every industry. However, manufacturing is one of the sectors that benefit the most from the use of ERP software. This is because ERP software provides manufacturers with tools and functions that make daily work easier, faster, and more accurate.

ERP software helps manufacturers with the following capabilities: 

  • improved product costing
  • sales and operations planning
  • demand management
  • material requirements planning
  • long-term planning
  • production order creation
  • capacity requirements planning
  • production execution, etc.

In a manufacturing environment, the ideal set up of an ERP software system is where business operations are integrated with the manufacturing processes that take place on the shop floor or production line. All too often, the shop floor programmable logic controller (PLC), which is an automated control for plant floor machinery lines is not connected to the ERP system.

The shop floor has numerous entities, devices, and equipment that generate different types of data; it is safe to assume that a big percentage of that data is essential for company management.

Shop Floor PLC systems often gather data such as:

  • time per job
  • time per machine
  • idle times and downtimes
  • setup and cycle times
  • number of units produced or rejected

In short, the integration of ERP systems and PLC machines would help a company:

  • meet and/or exceed quality standards
  • reduce equipment breakdowns
  • cut maintenance costs
  • maintain regulatory compliance
  • increase operational efficiency
  • improve data transparency and visibility
  • create comprehensive reports
  • execute real-time monitoring and control
  • automate data generation and collection
  • store historical data
  • improve the decision making process
  • reduce labour cost and human errors

Integrating ERP systems and PLC systems is essential to businesses because it increases productivity, company profit, and operational efficiency and decreases costs and losses – universal goals among companies.

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