YGL NERVO System—the Digital Nervous System of Modern Enterprises

YGL NERVO System—the Digital Nervous System of Modern Enterprises
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YGL NERVO, the Digital Nervous System can strengthen a business by connecting all of the essential pieces — similarly to our own nervous system. Whether you’re looking for ways to make your business run with more efficiency, have better access to information, or simply need a one-stop-shop type of solution, YGL NERVO can help your business get to the next level of operations.

YGL NERVO – Crystal Clear Process Visibility

The most comprehensive process control existing in this world is human body.

YGL NERVO embodied the same comprehensive process control as a human body.

YGL NERVO will enable comprehensive process control in Manufacturing.

To understand an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, one good analogy is the human body. As we know, the body is full of organs that together keep a person alive, breathing, digesting and sensing. However, all of those individual functions are governed by the central nervous system, which directs and manages the activity we are both conscious and unconscious of. 

The manufacturing, supply chain, financials, human resources and customer relations management each represent a different organ of the body or one module within the NERVO system. These modules help an organisation run its business more effectively and efficiently through digitising all information and data that used to have to be manually entered individually into each database.

Connect Your Departments Together

NERVO helps you to internally “connect all the nerves” of your company. It breaks down those communication barriers to centralise your company’s information – creating its central nervous system. Information and data are accessible to all your departments (accounting, human resources, customer service, sales, etc.) simultaneously. Interdepartmental communication improves, and everyone can work better together without duplicating efforts.

Increase Your Efficiencies

Once your company has its central nervous system up and running, sharing information and data across departmental lines become simpler. When accurate information is easily accessible, supply chain management improves, forecasting becomes more precise, and customer satisfaction goes up.

Operating As Separate Parts

It is hard for your company to operate efficiently without a central enterprise system. It’s like a body trying to function without its central nervous system. If you have a central enterprise system in place, your departments work separately from each other. They each use their specific data, reports and goals – even though they are all part of the same company or body. Having your departments operate separately obstructs synergy, prohibit communication sharing, and puts unnecessary walls up.

Know Where You Are Headed

Since now each of your nerves (departments) knows what the others are doing, the direction your company is heading in becomes less confusing. With a working central nervous system, inventory movement is visible, you can streamline your processes, and everyone can see the overall picture at any given time.

What Are The Common Challenges Faced by SMEs:

  • Paper based/ Excel base processing island of information. Integrity issues
  • Information was wrong and not timely to mid & high management
  • Slow responses to errors/hiccups, escalating to big problems
  • Lack of operational performance measurements. Secondary metric linked to overall performance not clear and measured.
  • Internal practices rigid and not flexible
  • Internal system deployed rigid and not suitable for day to day operation
  • Wait & see approach by management. The early birds would have made all the money. The competitors go first goer will get average results. The non believer will be left behind by the rest of the world.

YGL NERVO is an affordable and comprehensive software package that enables manufacturers to manage their production related activities efficiently.


From its origins in manufacturing, YGL NERVO has evolved to become critical to almost every aspect of running a business.

  • YGL NERVO software is the central nervous system of an enterprise, interconnecting supply chain, commerce, inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, analytics and finance.
  • Initially focused on manufacturing, YGL NERVO has added additional functions to address nearly every aspect of business include Smart Warehouse, RPA and integration to industrial machine.
  • YGL NERVO is an essential tool for Enterprise to become more efficient, flexible and innovative to combat the steady encroachment of e-commerce and a volatile consumer landscape characterized by a dramatic increase in the number of available distribution channels and rapidly changing consumer preferences.
  • YGL NERVO is experiencing renewed activity, as the nervous system software providers and enterprises move IT functions to the cloud, which offers lower cost, the ability to innovate, to develop new functions and launch new offerings rapidly.

YGL NERVO can expertly deploy, monitor and troubleshoot a new ERP system that centralises operations at your enterprise.

We Can Help to implement a Central Nervous System Transforms in the Manufacturing Industry System Integration under Industry 4.0

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today so that we can help you with our YGL NERVO which is strategy Industry 4.0 ready implementation needs heading towards Industry 4.0 in smart warehouse and smart manufacturing.

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