ERP Real-Time Shopfloor Visibility | How ERP Can Help Everyone on the Shop Floor

ERP Real-Time Shopfloor Visibility | How ERP Can Help Everyone on the Shop Floor
ERP Real-Time Shopfloor Visibility | How ERP Can Help Everyone on the Shop Floor
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YGL ERP4.0 gives you the real-time visibility, intelligence, and control you need to run a more profitable shop floor in real-time.

Manufacturing ERP solutions can serve as one of the most valuable assets in your plant, providing integral capabilities not only for accountants and executives but also for every single shop floor employee.

YGL ERP4.0 solution helps manufacturers maximize resources and reduce waste.

  • Optimize: Generate and assign shop floor tasks.
  • Control: Start and stop jobs with accurate time reporting.
  • Anticipate: Catch defects and report on non-conformance.
  • Plan: Compare actual job status against plan


  • Machine operators can report job status from their work station.
  • Real-time capture of operation status, quantity produced, passed, defect or non-conformance.
  • Task may be split and assigned to different people to complete it on time.
  • Using the dashboard, managers can track productivity by operator or machine.
  • Real-time visibility into items made, and machine status.
  • Product genealogy can be accessed any time during the product’s lifecycle.

YGL ERP4.0 Solution Integrates with the Shop Floor PLC System

Economic realities are making ERP software implementations almost compulsory for every business in every industry. However, manufacturing is one of the sectors that benefit the most from the use of ERP software. This is because ERP software provides manufacturers with tools and functions that make daily work easier, faster, and more accurate.

ERP software helps manufacturers with the following capabilities: 

  • improved product costing
  • sales and operations planning
  • demand management
  • material requirements planning
  • long-term planning
  • production order creation
  • capacity requirements planning
  • production execution, etc.

In a manufacturing environment, the ideal set up of an ERP software system is where business operations are integrated with the manufacturing processes that take place on the shop floor or production line. All too often, the shop floor programmable logic controller (PLC), which is an automated control for plant floor machinery lines is not connected to the ERP system.

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